Iglo & Indi Winter 2014

Iglo and Indi is a children’s clothing company from Reykjavik, Iceland. Their clothes range from newborn to 12 years. The following collection is for this fall and winter. Take a look.

Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1-5 Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1-3 Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1-5 Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1-6 Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1-7 Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1-8 Iglo-indi-2014-2015-sneak-peek-1-of-1


Their clothes are designed for comfort and to mix and match. Some pieces are gender neutral, which is great for my crew of 4 girls and 2 boys. I can totally picture my 7 year old in the dress on top.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures by Iglo&Indi

Found via Just By Manon 

Iglo & Indi Winter 2014

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