A House Filled With Music

IMG_8541 2


I apologize for keeping an erratic posting schedule this week. This last week was filled with music, concerts,  late nights (really late), great conversations, friends coming and going. And now reality has hit me hard. It is less than a week till Christmas! I am so not ready, and I dread going shopping so close to Christmas.

One of my favorite moments this past week is pictured above. Graig and Graciana Holland were practicing with our friend Jon for a show. I am not a musical person; I tried and failed at the recorder and gave up right then and there. I cannot sing either. But I really appreciate other people who are musical. And when they  play at my house it is the best.

So that is what I will remember this next week amidst all the shopping, packing (for Finn as he will be spending Christmas with his cousin), cleaning, and wrapping.

I hope your week and preparations are going well.

See you back here soon,







A House Filled With Music

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