Happy Weekend!

IMG_2561 IMG_2562


How was your week? How are you juggling school, schedules, family, and church? For me fall is always the busiest time of the year. It seems like all my commitments pile up in September and October: fundraising, service projects, responsibilities that come with us sitting on various boards,  etc. After that come the holidays….

How do you balance it all? I feel like as long as we eat dinner together as a family at home every night and our weekends are somewhat open we are doing O.K…. How about you?

As far as how my week went; I’m glad it is over. The husband was gone and one of my children had a particularly difficult week. The cute pictures above are the result of me taking some drastic measures. On Monday I took ALL of the girl’s toys out of their bedroom. Everyday it is a mess in there and nobody feels remotely inclined to clean it up. With all their toys gone they now had extra time on their hand to be creative and did nothing but paint for two days….Funny how that happens.

Have a restful weekend, I’ll see you back here on Monday.


P.S. I’m slowly returning some toys as long as they keep their room clean.


Happy Weekend!

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