Stars Soccer League




I made an exiting discovery. There is a soccer league that doesn’t take over your entire week with several practices and games on Saturday. Stars is a recreational league that only meets on Saturdays for coaching and games. It is for ages 4-12. Sure it won’t make your child into a future super star soccer player. But if you are like us and you just want your child exposed to the sport and learn the basics, this is a good option. Here are several reasons why I like the idea of Saturday only sports. Family dinners are very important to us. Being hospitable and entertaining is important to us. Doing sports together as a family is also high on our priority list.  But I have always resisted the pressure to sign my kids up to every sport imaginable and to shuttle them around every weeknight from an early age on. I just cannot reconcile with the notion of being a taxi driver and cheer leader all week long. It’s probably because I didn’t grow up playing organized sports. I played some volleyball in high-school but I was never good at it. My husband was on a soccer team and did pretty well. But even he doesn’t think that team sports enriched his life that much. What enriched him were backpacking trips, being out in nature.

So for us a Saturday only sport is an option to consider. This week is registration week. Not sure if we will do it, but I am glad to know the option is there.

Have a great weekend!


Stars Soccer League

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