First Day of School

First Day of SchoolYesterday was our first day of school. It was Lucille’s first day of Kindergarten. She has been waiting for this for a long time. I grew up in Germany and one of the traditions I have kept with all of  my children is giving them a “Schultüte” on their very first day of school. These cones are filled with all kinds of goodies, toys, school supplies, and candy. I’m telling you, it is a great way to start out your school career!

The German cones are much larger. When I bought mine online years ago I didn’t realize how small it would be. But since I  used it with Finn and took pictures of it I couldn’t buy a bigger one later (kids notice this kind of stuff). So therefore we use the little cone and fill it to the brim.

IMG_1990 IMG_7797


My goal for this school year: Have more fun!

Seriously, another blogger just announced that after 7 years of home-schooling her kids asked her to let them go to private school. She regrets not having smiled more. I’m right there with her. I have been so grouchy the past few years…I don’t know how long I will be schooling these precious souls. I need to enjoy it.

List of what we will be studying this year coming soon…

Have a lovely day,




First Day of School

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