Are You in the Mood for Camping?


We haven’t camped as a family for years. Our last experience was so bad that we just stopped going. We went when our second child had just turned one. I still vividly remember her tumbling down the hill we camped on, eating dust, and getting too much sun. To top that off, bears kept us up at night. I was done!

Now, if we had a cute camper like this, maybe we would give it another try. Never mind that our family of 8 could never fit inside…

733861_10151302109622407_680700568_n 599171_10151302109692407_1459769144_n 598706_10151302109562407_1509462430_n 313744_10151302109982407_1636646080_n 644300_10151302109022407_1596337096_n 487559_10151302108947407_2097656716_n 578358_10151302108897407_160000483_n

I love this Oilily photo shoot from 2004!! They come up with such creative photo stories.

How about you, do you like camping? Have you figured out how to do it with the whole family?

Have a great day,


Are You in the Mood for Camping?

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