Our Week




how was your week? Ours took an unexpected turn to put it mildly. Last Friday evening, my husband is out riding his mountain bike, I got that dreaded call. You know the call from a stranger telling you that your husband asked him to call you because he is too hurt to do it himself?? The dreaded ride to the trail head where you wonder how bad it is. Cause you know it is bad when he can’t get home himself or even call. Then the relief to see two people helping him into the car. The nervous ride to the nearest ER (which ER do you go to anyway, urgent care is probably closed, the hospital ER is always crazy busy). All this with a husband who is trying hard not to pass out. The kids at home alone worried about their dad, and wondering when we will be back.

To make a long story short: his elbow was broken pretty badly. He had surgery 5 days later, where they placed a plate in his elbow with tuns of screws holding it all together. He will be in a cast for six weeks and might lose 10% of motion.

So that is how our week went. The pictures of the tulips is a calming distraction from the mayhem surrounding us. But I am grateful because it could have been worse. And I am grateful for good friends and neighbors willing to help. And awesome kids who can be trusted to stay at home.



Our Week

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