Family Sport: Indoor Rock Climbing

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Back in the fall I started a new series on family sports. The idea behind is to find sports that families can do together and that suits several age groups. Rather than one family member doing a sport, and everybody else sitting in on a bench watching, I like to see the whole family being active together.

When my nephew was here visiting I took him and my kids (except the baby) to an indoor rock climbing gym. A one time visit is a bit pricey (it was $11.95 per person between noon and 3pm); if we went regularly I would buy a family pass. We brought our own tennis shoes and only rented harnesses.


Here is the group I took (sans my 8 year old who was hiding behind my back as usual).IMG_5519

Below is my 6 year old Ella with a full body harness. I recommend this harness for her age and younger as it makes them feel safe. IMG_5521

The gym had a variety of of equipment. There were rings and ropes hanging from the wall. Lots of bouldering walls, which are great for little ones. I wish I hadn’t paid for my 4 year old since she was too scared to climb on a rope and happy to just boulder. They also have exercise bikes there which we didn’t try.IMG_5532

Below is Esther. She climbed so fast it was hard keeping up with her trying to keep the rope tight while belaying.IMG_5536

My nephew did a great job evading my camera. Here he really couldn’t run away…Isn’t he cute? I love his plaid shirt.IMG_5542

Teenagers 14 years and older can be trained to belay, which really helps when you have bunch of kids. My oldest (below on the right) and I took turns belaying. It took us about 15 min to be trained in belaying, so factor that in the first time you come.IMG_5551

After fussing and complaining for a couple of hours my 8 year old finally started climbing and enjoying himself. He was allowed to climb without a rope up to a certain point. IMG_5563

This is a great sport for the winter time. My kids always ask to go. If you have never been give it a try. There are a lot of employees there ready to help.

The gym offers youth classes and classes for home-schoolers.

Have a great weekend, I’ll see you back here next week with an interview of the Hollands.


Family Sport: Indoor Rock Climbing

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