The Hollands are Here



It’s been fun around here. Non stop visitors. The first two weeks of February my husband’s parents and our nephew were here. Last Sunday the Hollands, who we know from living in an intentional community in Chicago, arrived. Along with them came another family who stayed with us for two nights. On Sunday there were 6 adults, 12 kids, and one dog here for dinner. Crazy fun!

The Hollands will be here for two weeks. I will post more about their interesting, nomadic life later. They home-school their two children on the road, and they are part of the same virtual school K12 as our two oldest are. What is even better is that we have two kids in the same grade level doing the same math. Craig Holland seems to like Math a whole lot more than I do and has been teaching my daughter Esther alongside with his son (which she seems to make her quite happy). So I while I visit with friends I get a break from Geometry and Probability…life is good.

On top is a picture of Esther and Graciana doing water color painting.

Have a great day,






The Hollands are Here

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