Copy Cat Chic


I’m so exited to share a copy cat chic moment I had this week. I took my mother in law to a local flea market when I happened upon this chair and ottoman. Our house has been in need of large, beefy chairs, that can stand up to a lot of abuse. I think it might be the perfect reading chair for my 14 year old. My kids think its great that it has a build in slide (aka back side).

IMG_5495Here is the Churchill leather chair from Restauration Hardware. It is real leather (mine is synthetic). This one costs $1695 and up, mine was $210.


What do you think? Close enough or way off? Would you pay $200 for it?

I’m dreaming on one day owning real leather chairs. But I am glad for now that we have this one, so when my kids destroy it  I won’t have to loose my salvation….



Copy Cat Chic

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