A Meaningful Christmas


Thanksgiving is behind us and now it feels like a countdown till Christmas.

Here are some gift ideas that will last a life time for those on your list who have everything. Organizations like World Relief have Christmas catalogues available where you can decide where your money goes. How about donating $5 for a brood of chicken to provide eggs for a family in need? Or $24 for seeds and tools? One dear to my heart is $35 to rescue a person from human trafficking. $47 pays for shots for small children to keep them alive the first 5 years. $90 pays for school fees for a year. And lastly, my favorite, $60 pays for a goat. I really want to buy a goat for a family. They provide milk and cheese. The families share subsequent baby goats with their neighbors.

There are many other trustworthy organizations that have their own christmas catalogues such as Samaritan’s Purse, Word Vision, etc. I prefer the ones that work with local churches who are established in that culture.

Happy shopping!


P.S. After writing this I found out that today is #Giving Tuesday. How timely is that??

A Meaningful Christmas

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