Jemez Mountains


how was your weekend? Ours was fabulous. We went on a family outing with the six kiddos in tow, and it was actually smooth and pleasant.  By that I mean nobody threw up, starved, had accidents, or got hurt. If you have little kids you know what I mean. Everybody had a great time, which is no small feat with 8 people. It was so fun, we might try it again. 🙂 We drove through the Jemez Mountains, northwest of Albuquerque. Take a look:

Love the color of the rocks.

Our first stop at soda creek. Everybody is acting like they haven’t eaten in days…

So pretty. Waiting for this cabin to be for sale.

The girls checking out soda creek, wondering if it safe to go in. They decided not to.

Next stop: Battle Ship Rock.

Here is my man.

Found a spot to go in. Lucille’s not quite sure…

Natasha sporting my sun glasses. The cuteness factor went up a couple notches.

Plotting a different route home involving four wheel driving. My 6 old commented: “This was the bumpiest short cut ever!”

On the way home.

What’s ahead for you this week? Is school starting or are you savoring one more week of summer? We will be gently easing into school, which will be disrupted by a German college student. Anna will be staying with us for three days until she can get into the dorms. We don’t know her yet, but she seemed quite nice in her e-mail.

Have a fantastic day,


Jemez Mountains

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