Frankfurt Flea Market

Hi there,

I grew up in Frankfurt, and one of my favorite things to do was going to the flea market on Saturday mornings. Guess, what I did during my recent trip to Frankfurt? Right, one Saturday I took my toddler in her stroller and re-lived old memories. It’s a claustrophobic experience, not for people who need a lot of personal space. But let me assure you, it does not even compare to the best garage sale experience you ever had. The market stretches out over a mile along the river Main. And it is packed full with everything: people sell their junk, toys, books, clothes, and furniture. But on top of that you find dealers from different countries selling knick knacks, comics, vintage dishes, vintage clothes, and jewelry. What makes it fun is that people in Europe still  have really old stuff. Stuff you would never see around here outside of an antique store.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

I was really exited about finding this Russian stand. My girls love Russian dolls. I was able to buy each one.

Here are some pictures of the skyline of Frankfurt.

If money and suitcase space would have not been an issue I would still be there shopping. But I found what I came for: my Russian dolls and some German Asterix comics for the kids. Score.

If you like a mix of old and vintage and modern check out Bloomingville from Denmark. You can’t buy from them online but you can enjoy their online catalog and get inspired.

Have a great day,


Frankfurt Flea Market

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