Bobo Choses SS 2014

Here is a look at the spring/summer collection by Bobo Choses, a company from Spain.

©-bobo-choses-ss14-001-1024x682 ©-bobo-choses-ss14-006-1024x682 ©-bobo-choses-ss14-018-1024x682 ©-bobo-choses-ss14-011-1024x682 ©-bobo-choses-ss14-009-1024x682 ©-bobo-choses-ss14-022-1024x768 ©-bobo-choses-ss14-025-1024x768


I like Bobo Choses’ retro, vintage, worn in style. I could totally see my 5 year old wearing the outfit in the second picture from top. Those shorts with the gold buttons are too cute!

Have a great day,


All photos by Bobo Choses

Via Smudgetikka


Bobo Choses SS 2014

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