Explode the Code

I would like to tell you about a Phonics program I discovered about a year ago, and I wish I would have found it sooner. My 4th and 2nd grader love it. It is a supplement for your reading and spelling programs.




My second grader (picture above) dislikes reading, but when she is working on Explore the Code she does not realize she is doing reading. I like that it is cheap (under $10) and compact. I have a hard time with phonic programs that come with a lot of accessories. I tend to either loose or not use them. I also like that they can work on it on their own without needing my help.
Book 1-3 are recommended for first grade. Books 4-5 1/2 are for 2nd grade, and so forth. However my second grader needs is working on book 2; what is recommended for 1st grade would be too hard for her.
So if you are looking for a program this might be a good option.
Have a great day,

Explode the Code

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