Terri Othling Pastels


I would like to introduce you to Terri Othling’s pastels. Terri is our musician friend’s mom. She has done some art work for his music, that is how we found out about her. She lives in New Mexico and her art brings out the vibrant colors of this state beautifully.


PageImage-508151-4006553-HollyhockProfusion PageImage-508151-4006569-StFrancisIII PageImage-508151-3314286-SanGeronimo PageImage-508151-3370218-lavenderfield PageImage-508151-4379097-CUAAThe last one is a piece she did for her son, and that is  the print we own and enjoy so much.

On her website she has these quotes:

Colour has me. That is the meaning of this happy hour. I and colour are one. I am a painter.”
-Paul Klee

You painted because you caught glimpses of Heaven in the earthly landscape.”
-C.S. Lewis

A lot of her prints are available on her website. Be sure to check them out.

Have a lovely day,



Terri Othling Pastels

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