Night Hike

IMG_2874Have you ever been on a night hike? Would you try it?

I went on my first one last night with my friend Judy. We borrowed my husband’s bike lights (he goes mountain biking at night), so we could see very well. And we went on a hike we had done lots of times before. I wasn’t about to get lost at night. I have to admit we were a little spooked out by the thought of meeting a mountain lion (which we didn’t). But other than that it was so much fun and adventurous. We had a great view of the city lights down below. My I phone picture above doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea. This morning it is snowing in New Mexico. Now I’m thinking I would like to try a night hike in the snow next…

Have a great day,


Night Hike

3 thoughts on “Night Hike

  1. How fun! I used to go night hiking a lot in college — there were always a lot of people with headlamps; the rest of us had flashlights — but it was especially fun to night hike during a full moon. We’d climb up wooded trails to the highest point where we could get a great view of Lake Superior and watch the moon rise over the water. Amazing memories!

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