Ella’s Birthday


Last week we celebrated Ella’s 7th Birthday. It was a very simple deal. We took her out for pancakes in the morning, made her favorite lunch, and subjected ourselves to Burger King for dinner, upon her request. Her neighbor friends came over for cake eating and present opening. As our family grew larger we decided that our children limit their bigger parties (with decorations, formal invitations, party favors, etc) to every other year. It is more manageable for us that way. However, even a low key, no planning ahead kind of Birthday looks like a big party, just because of the size of our family.

IMG_6268 IMG_6276  IMG_6278

IMG_6304How about you, how do you do Birthdays? Is it a big deal, or do you keep it low key?


Ella’s Birthday

2 thoughts on “Ella’s Birthday

  1. Our friends with a big family limited the guests to the number of years! For example i yr old gets one guest, 16 yr old gets 16 guests…….just an idea!

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