Easter Egg Hunt

aida ester 20113


How was your Easter? Did the weather hold up for an egg hunt outside? Ours  was beautiful. We did an impromptu hunt with our neighbors. We have done it several years in a row so we can pull it off pretty fast. Take a look.

aida 2 easte 2013

ella easter 2013Below is me with my 4 year old.

sofija and luci easter 2013 sofija, luci, and hana easter 2013 ella 2 easter 2013 siri easter 2013 luci easter 2013

I have a confession to make. After buying the ham, asparagus, and potatoes we ended up getting pizza!! I think this was my first time not eating a festive meal for Easter. With my husband still recovering and not feeling so well I ended up doing the church/basket/easter hunt largely by myself and I was too tired to worry about cooking the meal. Oh well, there will be a large, festive meal in our near future.

With Easter behind us it is time for met to get ready for birthday season. Most of our children’s birthdays are stacked up in April and May, add to that my niece’s birthdays, holidays, and Mother’s Day- the party never ends…

Have a lovely day,


All pictures by Lonely Mountain Photography. Feel free to share but be kind and credit.

Easter Egg Hunt

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