Essential Furniture for our Home-schooling


Today I wanted to share the several pieces of furniture that are essential to our home-schooling. The first one is a desk with a computer for my high-schooler. He pretty much spends all day on it, because he is part of an online schoool. The computer is on loan from the school and too ugly for words. We are I Mac people so you never see the adults in the house using it.

IMG_5384The second one is this black round table. It is a Pottery Barn table purchased on Craigslist. I really like it because it is so versatile. I can pull it out for extra seating for dinner guests. Since they are no legs you can fit a lot of people around it. It is sturdy and holds up to kids climbing on top of it. This is what it looks like when I have cleaned all the clutter off to take a picture.


This is what it usually looks like. There is always someone sitting at this table, coloring, doing school work, crafts, etc. It drives me crazy that it never looks like the above picture. But then again, I’m glad that it invites creativity, and a lot of it.IMG_5393Next is my school closet from Ikea. It kind of functions as a locker. Every child has one or two cubbies. I have maxed out our book schelves, so I really need something for the school stuff we use daily. I like that this closet stays shut, thus hiding the mess.

IMG_5376This is my 11 year old daughter’s cubby, neat and organized. She takes after her dad.

IMG_5378Here is my 14 year old son’s cubby. I’m not sure what happened here, he is usually pretty neat.  I am responsible for top sections where we keep craft supplies. It needs attention badly…


On the bottom I keep pre-school type of learning toys for the little people, so my two youngest can do their  “school”. IMG_5381Here is the dining room table we don’t use as much, because frankly most of the time it is too sticky.


We have a little table that is perfect for the under 5 age. It was a hand me down, originally purchased at ToysRUs and has survived all of my children and their friends. Here is my mom when she visited with Luci.


Lastly, would you like to know where most of our school gets done? Right here on the couch. This is where I sit and do one and one sessions with the kids.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEsther spends a lot of her time on our main computer. It is here that I write all my posts if you care to know.


This is pretty much it. It looks like a lot of furniture, but with six kids all of it gets used all the time.

How about you, do you have furniture that invite learning and creativity? What is your favorite? I’d love to hear.

Have a wonderful day!




Essential Furniture for our Home-schooling

One thought on “Essential Furniture for our Home-schooling

  1. I like your setup – especially the doors on the ikea shelves. I have only open shelving right now for my crew and I can tell you I often wish I could just close the door to what those shelves look like!

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