The Perfect Homeschool Room



this post is about what would be a dream come true for me: a designer helping a home-school mom to design a room where she can teach her kids. Can you imagine?? Edie from Lifeingrace had the good fortune to do just that. That is after her  previous house burned down and they had lost everything. So don’t be too jealous. Take a look.



Here is what Edie says about her room:” The multitasking type of room has long been a dream of mine.   A room that’s like me—–that reads and does laundry and blogs and dabbles in paints and maps and printing and child-rearing and bird watching.  We’ve only lived here two weeks but I can’t even  count the hours we’ve already spent in here.”

updatedworkroom3A place for everything, even the works of Luther. Love it.



Here comes the surprise. Not only is this room a school room but also a laundry room!!! This makes total sense to me, since that is what my days are all about: schooling, blogging, and laundry.workroom5


Edie assures her readers that her room is NEVER this clean and organized. The green table for example gets cleaned about 27 times a day only to be cluttered with new projects again. The family spends their whole day in this room, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Friends, this rooms speaks to me on so many levels. When you are home with children all day you want it to be a happy and aesthetic place, and one that functions well. We use our front room as a library/school/play room. Now I need to work harder in making it look prettier. However the washer/dryer will stay in the laundry room…

How about you, is your space working for you? Is it pretty enough where you want to spend all day in it? I know most of us can’t afford a designer, still the smallest changes like drapes, pillows, and a couch cover can make a big difference.

Happy decorating!


The Perfect Homeschool Room

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