Ancient History: Fun Links


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Here are my favorite  links and activities useful for studying Ancient History.

  • Take a virtual tour through an ancient cave in France here: (If the link does not work just copy and paste) This is really cool. You can slowly walk through each room and they explain what it is that you are looking at. The whole thing is kind of eerie but soothing. I could spend hours walking through those caves.
  • Meet Oetzi the iceman, found in Europe. Find out what he looked like, what he did for a living, even what he ate.
  • Test your mummy making IQ. I made one mistake, see if you can beat me. Make sure you have eaten before you attempt to mummify, as you will have to extract the pharaoh’s
  • Use the hieroglyphic typewriter to write secret messages.
  • Be a tourist in Ancient Rome: this video takes you on a virtual tour around Rome with an expert explaining who built the buildings and what they were used for.

Have fun with these. As I find more interesting links I will share them with you.


Ancient History: Fun Links

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