Art Supply Organization


summer is the perfect time for art projects on those hot afternoons when you can’t go outside. I have 4 girls who produce a tremendous amount of artwork on any given day. I didn’t know where to put them anymore so I thought the bathroom would be a good place:


But how do organize all those markers, crayons, scissors, water colors, paper, etc.? Here are some ideas:

The top 4 are from the Container Store. The last two I found on Pinterest. Don’t you wish you had a whole closet for your crafts? We have  a small Ikea children’s wardrobe for our school books and craft supplies. It has worked well in the past but it is starting to get a little crowded. How about you, have you found the perfect organizing solution for you crafts?


Art Supply Organization

3 thoughts on “Art Supply Organization

    1. Thank you for the comment. I agree, the best organization is for nothing if the kids are not on board. It takes so much time to train them to put things in the designated spaces. But it is worth the effort.

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